Program Home: Rhetoric PhD at the University of Texas-Austin Edit

Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

  • Bump, Jerome
  • Charney, Davida
  • Davis, Diane
  • Faigley, Lester
  • Ferreira - Buckley, Linda
  • Harris, Elizabeth
  • Henkel, Jacqueline M.
  • Longaker, Mark
  • Mullin, Joan
  • Pritchard, Eric
  • Rebhorn, Wayne A.
  • Roberts-Miller, Trish
  • Ruszkiewicz, John J.
  • Slatin, John M.
  • Spinuzzi, Clay
  • Syverson, Margaret
  • Trimble, John R.
  • Walker, Jeffrey
  • Chapelle Wojciehowski, Hannah
  • Woods, Marjorie Curry

Graduates Edit

year name position place

Notes: Edit

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