Program Home: Composition and Rhetoric at U of Nevada - RenoEdit

Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

Boardman, Kathleen Full, Associate Dean (Liberal Arts) Composition and Rhetoric, Teaching of Writing, Autobiography/Life Writing, Western American Literature
Borrowman, Shane Assistant History of Rhetoric and Composition, Aristotle in the Arab World, Mainstream-Media Studies, Writing Program Administration, Historiography and the Vietnam War.
Chaput, Catherine Assistant Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Political Economy of Rhetoric, Affect Studies
Detweiler, Jane Associate Rhetoric and Composition; writing in the disciplines; narrative theories; research methods; gender and sexual identity.
Hardy, Donald Full Discourse analysis, computational stylistics
Waldo, Mark Full Writing across the curriculum, writing centers, composition studies, history of rhetoric
Walsh, Lynda Assistant Rhetoric of science, argumentation, pragmatics

Graduates Edit

Notes Edit

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