Program: PhD in Composition and Rhetoric, University of Hawai'i - Manoa Edit

Faculty and Areas of Specialization: Edit

Carroll, Jeffrey Professor Rhetoric and composition, American novel, fiction writing
Despain LaRene Professor Theory and practice of teaching composition, American literature, 20th-century fiction
Desser, Daphne Associate 20th century rhetorics, writing and difference, identity construction and negotiation in composition studies
Henry, Jim Associate Composition studies; Workplace writing; Autoethnography; Technical communication
Hilgers, Thomas Professor Composition studies, psychology and literature
Marsella, Joy Professor Composition studies, rhetoric, writing across the curriculum, academic literacy
Payne, Darin Associate Rhetorics of technology and space; new media rhetorics; globalization; collaborative communication, and cultural reproduction.

Graduates: Edit

Notes: Edit

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