Program Home: Composition and Rhetoric at UMass - Amherst Edit

Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

  • Dingo, Rebecca - transnational rhetoric, feminism, globalization
  • Fleming, David - history and theory of rhetoric, history and pedagogy of first-year composition, argumentation theory and practice, writing in the disciplines and professions.
  • Herrington, Anne - writing-across-the-curriculum, specifically connections between writing, learning, and identity; composition theory and practice; ethnographic and other qualitative research approaches for studying writing and teaching
  • Hoang, Haivan - literacy studies; composition theory and practice; ethnographic research methods, ethics, and writing; writing center theory and practice
  • LeCourt, Donna - composition theory, identity politics (i.e. race, class, gender, and sexuality) in composition, cultural and critical composition pedagogies, feminist rhetoric, writing across the curriculum, and computers and composition.
  • Leonard, Rebecca Lorimer - literacy studies, writing center theory, multilingual writing, language ideology, comparative rhetoric
  • Solberg, Janine - gender, technology and culture; new media and emerging literacies; professional and technical communication; information design

Graduates Edit


Christian Pulver

Chris DiBiase

Marni Presnall

Airlie Rose


John Gallagher

Emma Howes


Anne Bello

Sarah Finn


Linh Dich


Amber Engelson

Michelle Deal


Denise Paster

Sarah Stanley


Catherine Pavia

Missy Marie Montgomery

Collie Fulford

Lisa Dush


Holly Lawrence


Susan Johnson

Mike Edwards

Lauren Rosenberg


May Poe

Jennifer DiGrazia

Heidi McKee


Alan Girelli

Margaret Price

Winifred Wood

Notes Edit

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