Program Home: Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas TechEdit

Faculty and Areas of Specialization Edit

Baake, Ken Associate metaphor, philosophy of science, rhetoric of science
Baehr, Craig Associate Hypertext theory, interface design and information architecture, online publishing and instruction, visual rhetoric, visual spatial-thinking, digital literacy.
Barker, Thomas T Professor computer documentation, online technologies and communication, distance education, technical communication pedagogy, service-learning
Carter, Joyce Locke Associate Computer-based instruction in English; history and theory of rhetoric; software development and design; software industry issues; hypertext theory and application; theory and practice of argumentation; the role of market-based economics in the formation and discourse of the communications fields (technical communication, rhetoric, composition); real-world applications for pedagogy (service learning).
Dragga, Sam Professor editing, visual communication, international communication, ethics
Eaton, Angela Assistant Technical communication pedagogy and practice, especially within online environments; quantitative research methods.
Kemp, Fred O Associate Computer-Based Instruction in English; history and theory of rhetoric; collaborative strategies for composition instruction; the computer-based classroom; guided heuristics in composition instruction; design and programming of software to support writing and literature instruction; use of wide-area electronic networks for professional collaboration, research, and instruction.
Kimball, Miles Associate History of technical communication; information graphics; web portfolios; perceptual theory (semiotics, discourse analysis); visual communication; technical communication and culture.
Koerber, Amy Associate health communication, rhetoric of science and technology, women's studies, internet studies
Lang, Susan Associate Computer-based instruction in composition and literature, intellectual property issues, hypertext, textual theory.
Rice, Rich Associate contemporary composition and rhetoric, new media and professional writing, TA training, portfolio assessment, distance education, service learning
Rickly, Rebecca Associate gender and communication, online and oral discourse analysis, methods and methodology, theories of rhetoric(s), and literacy issues.
St. Amant, Kirk Associate Intercultural communication, online communication, e-commerce, rhetoric of economics
Still, Brian Assistant usability testing, computer-mediated communication, theories of technology, hacktivism, techno-pedagogy, open source issues
Zdenek, Sean Assistant discourse analysis, rhetoric of science and technology, artificial intelligence, gender and language, computer-mediated communication

Graduates Edit

2009 Garrison, Kevin San Angelo
Hughes, Lori Lone Star College
2008 Arnett, Jonathan Southern Polytechnic
Boettger, Ryan Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Brewer, Pam Appalachian State University
D'Angelo, Barbara Arizona State University
Lancaster, Amber Texas Tech University
Musick, Fawn Lubbock Christian University
Ross, Derek
Youngblood, Susan Auburn

Notes Edit