Program Home: Rhetoric and Composition PhD at Purdue Edit

Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

  • Bay, Jennifer - new media; professional writing; feminism and rhetoric
  • Bergmann, Linda - American nineteenth century popular nonfiction; writing centers; writing program administration
  • Blackmon, Samantha - computers and writing; African American history and rhetoric; lesbian studies; women's studies
  • Blakesley, David - professional writing; rhetorical theory; visual rhetoric; film; electronic publication
  • Johnson-Sheehan, Richard - rhetorical history; composition theory; professional writing
  • Rickert, Thomas - rhetoric and composition theory; postmodernism; cultural studies and critical theory
  • Rose, Shirley - composition theory & pedagogy; citation studies; writing program administration
  • Salvo, Michael - technical communication; ethics; information architecture
  • Silva, Tony - second language writing: theory, research, and pedagogy
  • Sullivan, Patricia - methodology; technology & feminism; public rhetoric; historiography; technical communication
  • Weiser, Irwin - composition theory; writing across the curriculum; writing program administration

Graduates Edit

The website lists over 150 PhD graduates.Click here to see the list of MA and PhD graduates.

Notes Edit

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