Program Home: Rhetoric and Writing at Michigan State Edit

Faculty Areas of Specialization Edit

  • Cooper, David
  • Cushman, Ellen
  • DeJoy, Nancy
  • DeVoss, Dànielle
  • Geissler, Kathleen
  • Grabill, Jeff
  • Halbritter, Bump
  • Hart-Davidson, William
  • Julier, Laura
  • Lathan, Rhea Estelle
  • Lee, Kim
  • Lindquist, Julie
  • Monberg, Terese Guisatao
  • Monberg, John
  • Porter, James E
  • Powell, Malea
  • Rehberger, Dean
  • Sheridan, David
  • Smith, Leonora
  • Smith, Trixie
  • Smitherman, Geneva
  • Stock, Patricia
  • Swenson, Janet
  • Wilson, Marilyn

Graduates Edit

Notes Edit

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