Program Home: PhD in Composition and TESOL at IUPEdit

Faculty Areas of Specialization: Edit

  • Alvine, Lynne - Adolescent Literature, Teaching Composition, Teaching Literature and Literacy, Gender and Teaching.
  • Deckert, Sharon
  • Fontaine, Jeannine M. - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Cognition, TESOL, Language and Literature
  • Hanauer, David -
  • Hayward, Nancy -
  • Hurlbert, Claude Mark - Rhetorical Traditions, Theories of Composition, Teaching Writing, Advanced Seminar in Literacy, Research Methodology in Rhetoric and Linguistics, Theories of Literacy, Reading Theory and the College English Teacher, and Language and Social Context
  • Nienkamp, Jean - R
  • Pagnucci, Gian S. -
  • Rafoth, Ben -
  • Savova, Lilia -
  • Tannacito, Dan J. - Second Language Acquisition and Literacy, Intensive English Programs.
  • Williamson, Michael M. -

Graduates: Edit

Notes: Edit

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